Included in this online portfolio, you will find five projects that represent my aesthetic and demonstrate my abilities as a print designer, art director, and conceptual thinker.

My personal style is informed by the precepts of mid-century modernist commercial design, which emphasize an economy of style, simple fonts with a bold presence, and precise, intentional shapes, colors, and layouts. The challenge of communicating ideas with just the right amount of these elements is what drives me.

Additional projects can be found on I hope you enjoy.


In 2016, in my role of graphic designer at Pacific Science Center, I had the privilege of updating a traveling interactive exhibit set for the Science on Wheels program. The project included designing 27 pieces—including signage, puzzles, and exhibit pieces—for the “Blood and Guts” program which focuses on anatomy.

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The Map of the Known Universe was a collaborative project created for and sold in the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company, a small gift shop that serves as an outreach tool, fundraiser, and gateway to the adjoining writing and tutoring center for kids, The Bureau of Fearless Ideas (formerly 826 Seattle).

My primary role for this project was as artistic director; Spencer Charles (now Principal of Charles&Thorn) was the lead designer. Nine designers and writers contributed to the project.

The two-sided poster features maps of the solar system, the local galactic neighborhood, and the visible universe, information about the history of space exploration and the universe, and factual information useful to space travelers. The 20" x 30" poster is offset printed on fine 85lb paper sealed with a matte finish.

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People Eating and Giving 2014

The non-profit writing and tutoring center The Bureau of Fearless Ideas (formerly 826 Seattle) is well-known for throwing innovative and exciting fundraisers, the most important of which is the annual dinner, People Eating and Giving.

Though the planning of these events is collaborative, I have been instrumental in the development and branding of these events since the first dinner in 2010. In this, the fourth People Eating and Giving, I was more much more involved in the conception, development, and deployment of the thematic elements. I believe it showcases my conceptual thinking and my ability to fully visualize and actualize a complicated project.

In addition to the conceptual development, I was the lead designer for all printed and multi-media elements including digital and print invitations, programs, website, and in-show presentation.

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What To Read in the Rain

What to Read in the Rain is the annual anthology published by the writing and tutoring center 826 Seattle. It features student work alongside writing from established adult writers and is sold in local bookstores and hotels.

I designed and typeset the first edition of What to Read in the Rain. The cover of the book features a photograph by Max R. Jensen of the Port of Seattle and Space Needle, painted with the original 1962 color scheme. The color of the title and back cover summary mirror the Needle’s “galaxy gold” highlights.

The book is 6.5" square, perfect bound, 280 pages, and features the writing of over thirty authors. The main body text was set in Chochin with titles and running titles in Gotham. The first and second printings were offset printed on FSC-certified Rolland Enviro 100 paper.

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This artwork was originally designed for inclusion in a chapbook that accompanies a Bureau of Fearless Ideas writing program called Adventures in Infinite Space. Primary design work was completed in 2013, after a couple of months of development, with collaborative contributions by the programing staff.

The artwork has been developed for many different uses including fundraising event collateral, outreach materials, and store displays. A full version of the most completely developed presentation can be found HERE.

In relation to my passion for space and education and my aesthetic style, this project represents some of my strongest work.

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